Monolit-Info Company has been created in 1991 in Leningrad and dynamically developed into well-organized firm.

During 1992 – 1999 experts of Monolit-info have implemented more than 450 successful installations of MONOLIT DOS — a complex software accounting system with multicurrency support.

In the mid-nineties MONOLIT DOS was considered as one of the best Russian software in the field of book keeping automation for industrial enterprises with foreign investors ownership.

In 1995 was started long-term cooperation with Baltika Breweries and BBH holding (Baltic Beverages Holding AB).

In 1996 experts of Monolit-Info started creation of completely new software complex a MONOLIT SQL based on client-server architecture with use of Microsoft technologies (SQL Server, Win32, ODBC, OLE, etc.).

In 1998 the new software complex Monolit ERP were implemented at a number of clients, replacing previous MONOLIT DOS.

In 2000 new strategic development plan for Monolt-Info was approved. According to it functional capabilities of new software complex should have been enhanced to conform to ERP class system. ERP Monolit was positioned as ERP solution for the enterprises of the food and chemical industry and large distributing companies.

In 2001 Monolit ERP became the corporate solution for all enterprises of BBH holding in the CIS and Baltic countries (10 factories in Russia, including Brewing company “Baltika Breweries”, “Vienna”, “Jarpivo”, etc., 3 factories in Ukraine, 2 factories in Kazakhstan and one — in Latvia).

In 2003 new version Monolit ERP 3.0 was launched. It included functionality of finance management, production planning, DRP (distribution resource planning), profitability analyzer.

By 2006 Monolit ERP have been successfully implemented on more than 30 large enterprises in Russia, in Ukraine, in Kazakhstan and Latvia. To meet growing clients demand for higher productivity and scaling capabilities, Monolit-Info launched in 2006 new version Monolit ERP 4.0 based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005. New version was designed under close co-operation with Microsoft. Company’s turnover has exceeded 100 million roubles.

In 2007 Monolit-Info effected several large scale projects: information systems unification process of all Baltika Breweries company production plants (new structure included other Russian brewing companies of BBH holding) ; implementation of Monolit ERP in holding company «United Bakers» (one of leaders of the confectionery industry of Russia), and a number of other projects. Monolit-Info received the status of Microsoft Certificated Partner — acknowledgement of that solutions offered by the company are based on latest technologies and correspond to high market demands.

2008 year became year of a recognition of high professional level of Monolit-Info solutions. Company has received the status “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner” with competences ISV/Software Solutions Competency and Data Management Solutions in April. In June Monolit-Info became winner in Microsoft Partner Program Awards for 2008 in Central and Eastern Europe in award category Data Management Solutions. Cooperation with big clients (first of all — from the food-processing industry) which have chosen Monolit ERP as the corporate solution successfully developed in year 2008. One of the successful developments of the year was market promotion of the solution ERP Monolit: IFRS consolidated financial reporting .

In 2009 Monolit-Info successfully continued its strategy for coopera­tion with major customers, in the first place – from the food industry. This is a national scale companies – “Baltika Breweries”, “Ochakovo”, a group of companies “United Bakers” (Russian Federation), “Slavutich”, “Chumak” (Ukraine), “Derbes” (Kazakhstan), “Sarbast” (Uzbekistan). It is obvious that in a crisis the general trend in the market was cut in investment budgets. Nevert­heless, it is in the food industry (where Monolit-Info has the most powerful vertical ERP-solution), the crisis provided an opportunity for an aggressive offensive to those companies who are willing and able to increase market share (both due to inefficient local competitors, and through import substitution ). Therefore, major customers of Monolit-Info targeted effective (and not very expensive) ERP-solutions as a resource in the competition in year 2009. There were successful projects implemented by Monolit- Info in year 2009: “Operational production planning”, “Demand forecasting” and “Sales planning” systems, BI solutions for the Logistics Department, “Performance management with sales outlets”, “Performance management with distributors”.

2010 has become the twentieth anniversary of Monolit-Info company. During 20 years of work on software system market Company has achieved significant results that let to improve co-operation with national scale companies, at first place – in food industry. From 2005 to 2010 Company revenue is 20% year growth. More than 80% of turnover was received from enterprise management systems installations for clients that have already implemented Monolit ERP modules for sales and financial management. Among 2010 successful installations for various clients were – “Operational Production Planning system”, “Production Processes control system”, “Project Management system”, “ECM system”, “New optimization models in DRP system”, “Tenders system”, “Claims processing”, “Modeling in procurement”.

In 2011 Monolit-Info successfully implemented ERP Monolit on “Olivaria” brewery in Minsk. Together with that some new products were developed and implemented – Business Performance Management (BPM) with usage of Business Intelligence (BI) technology for Logistics Department of Baltika Breweries, Personnel Appraisal module (part of Human Capital Management system). New version of mobile application “Monolit Agent” based on OS Android was released (in addition to Windows Mobile version).

Monolit-Info IT-services management system was certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 in area of development, implementation, modification and support of “Monolit ERP” software.

In 2012 significant project of Baltika Breweries CRM solution migration to Microsoft SQL 2012 server was implemented. That ranged Baltika Breweries CRM solution with the biggest MS SQL Server installations in Europe. Development of “Monolit ERP 6.0” platform was started.

In 2012-2013 “Monolit Info” revenue showed stable 15% year growth.

In 2013 “Monolit ERP 6.0” platform was released. New version included new modules that provided ECM, EAM, Reporting Plan, VMI, Self Service Portal, Yard Management and other functions. The Electronic Documents Archive project was successfully implemented on Baltika Breweries.

The “Monolit Info” stable growth is confirmed by its positions in year based Russian IT-market ratings: The “Kommersant” newspaper IT-rating, “Expert RA” IT-companies rating, etc. According to that ratings “Monolit-Info” is in the top hundred Russian IT-companies

“Monolit-Info” IT-services management year based audit provided by “Russian Register” certification association, confirms high level of “Monolit-Info” as a reliable business-partner, that meets all high requirements of modern business applications market. In addition to ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certificate “Monolit-Info” was certified on provision information security for services of “Monolit ERP” system development, implementation, modification and maintenance in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2005.

“Monolit-Info” currently has:

  • strong full-featured complex for automation of national scale companies management “Monolit ERP 6.1”;
  • strong team of experienced and highly professional staff;
  • experience of numerous successful installations.