13 september 2021Monolit-Info is certificated according to the international standards of quality

In July 2021 Monolit-Info received ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificates. They were issued to the company upon ISMS (Information Security Management Systems) audit results.

19 july 2021Monolit-Info has maintained its positions in ranking of RAEX and increased turnover by 10 percent

The annual ranking of the largest Russian IT-Companies of RAEX came out with the participation of Monolit-Info.
The company managed to keep not only its positions among worthy competitors, but also increased its growth rate of 10%.

22 june 2021Monolit-Info has successfully passed the certification audit for compliance to SSAE 18 (SOC 1 Type 2) International standard

The audit of the Monolit-Info company was conducted by an independent auditing company in accordance with the auditing standards of AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants).

22 february 2021Monolit-Info: the results of 2020

In 2020, Monolit-Info has managed to maintain financial health and establish contacts with new partners. The year of the pandemic made own adjustments to the work schedule of employees, however this contributed to greater dedication.

22 february 2021Monolit-Info was ranked 11th in the ranking of ERP-system vendors

In late December TAdviser* published the results of the research of the market of CRM systems for 2019. The rating was attended by 16 largest vendors of ERP systems. Most of them are system integrators.

02 november 2020Monolit-Info took part in the review of CRM-systems in Russia

In late October TAdviser published a review of Russian CRM-systems and presented the main trends in the development of the CRM-market in 2020.

14 september 2020A new extended version of the Reporting Plan system on SQL2019 has been released

The Monolit-Info company has released an updated version of the "Reporting plan" system on a new architecture using the MS SQL2019 core.

08 july 2020Monolit-Info has strengthened its position in the ranking of RAEX of the largest IT companies

2019 had been a very successful and productive year for Monolit-Info. The company increased revenue growth to 9,5% per year, remained resilient in the RAEX ranking* and went up one position in the list of IT-developer companies.

05 june 2020Photo recognition is available in the new version of Monolit Agent

New convenient functionality for filling out visit profiles appears in Monolit Agent. Now we do not need to spend a lot of time on manual data entry. We just need to take a photo, and all positions will be filled automatically. Recognition takes only a few minutes.

25 march 2020Monolit-Info released a new version of the Monolit: Self Service Portal

The architecture of the new solution is based on the technology of a progressive web application (Progressive Web App, abbr. PWA).

11 march 2020Monolit-Info completed a project to create a new generation EPM-system on MSSQL2019

In January 2020, Monolit-Info introduced a new multi-functional product – “Monolit: EPM” to improve the performance of enterprises and optimize the management processes. The new system includes the following tools: business planning, budgeting, profitability analysis.

28 february 2020Microsoft Company published the IIM-system launch in the Baltika Breweries case

Microsoft Company published the IIM-system launch in the Baltika Breweries case on its official website in section «Customers Stories».

27 january 2020Monolit-Info: the results of 2019

Monolit-Info keeps the rating dynamics in the list of the largest IT-companies of the RAEX agency*.

19 september 2019Monolit-Info has launched the Voice Assistant for quick order entry

The Voice Assist function is now available for users of the Monolit Agent mobile application. User (mobile employee) can add and remove order items using voice.

30 july 2019Monolit-Info has improved its position in the ranking of RAEX of the largest IT companies

In 2018 the company climbed 9 places up to 38-th place.That success was achieved through intensified and productive work.

18 june 2019“Picture of Success” is a new performance measurement tool outlets

In June 2019 Monolit-Info company announced release of new mobile service – “Picture of Success” – the set of Checklists (general set of questionnaires), that reflects current state of each outlet, collected by sales forces during their visits.

31 may 2019Monolit-Info announces the release of a new version of the "Monolit Suite 7.0" software

Monolit-Info announces the release of the new version of the "Monolit Suite 7.0" software and publishes the extended description of the system's functionality ("Feature List").

28 may 2019Monolit-Info has launched new "Monolit: CRM" product website

Monolit-Info company has launched new website that is focused particularly on "Monolit: CRM" system, solution that can be used as stand-alone product, being integrated with third party’s ERP systems, or as a part of the "Monolit Suite".

12 march 2019Mobile application "Workplace shift manager"

In May 2018, "Monolit-Info" company released the "Monolit: Warehouse shift master" mobile application as a further development of the "Monolit: Yard Management system".

04 march 2019Monolit-Info: the results of 2018

In 2018, Monolit-Info showed strong growth and secured its position in the RAEX (Expert RA) ranking.
According to a study conducted by the RAEX rating agency, Monolit-Info was ranked as :
• 47th place in the list of the largest IT companies;
• 40th in the ranking of information technology service providers;
• 28th place in the list of IT-developer companies.

01 february 2019Development of an analytical portal "Checklist" to control the stages of the closing of the accounting period

"Monolit-Info" have developed a new functionality - an analytical portal called "Checklist" to monitor the progress and track the current status of the closing process of the accounting period. New functionality is part of the "Financial Management and Controlling" subsystem.

01 february 2019Carlsberg Eastern Europe region has stepped up digitalizing document management

A new mobile solution was launched to facilitate document approval and management in a smart, secure way.

28 december 2018Development of a new functional solution for warehouse audit - Monolit-Audit Logistics

In October 2018, Monolit-Info completed work on the creation of a warehouse audit functionality in the "Monolit-Audit" mobile application. It was implemented as part of the mobile application package "Monolit-ERP" development.

12 september 2018Monolit-Info has launched the Voice Assistant for quick order entry

The Voice Assist function is now available for users of the Monolit Agent mobile application. User (mobile employee) can add and remove order items using voice.

29 june 2018Monolit-Info keeps positions in the ranking of the largest Russian IT companies

A regular ranking of the largest IT companies (by the end of 2017) was prepared and published by the rating agency RAEX (Expert RA).