12 march 2019Mobile application "Workplace shift manager"

In May 2018, "Monolit-Info" company released the "Monolit: Warehouse shift master" mobile application as a further development of the "Monolit: Yard Management system".

04 march 2019Monolit-Info: the results of 2018

In 2018, Monolit-Info showed strong growth and secured its position in the RAEX (Expert RA) ranking.
According to a study conducted by the RAEX rating agency, Monolit-Info was ranked as :
• 47th place in the list of the largest IT companies;
• 40th in the ranking of information technology service providers;
• 28th place in the list of IT-developer companies.

01 february 2019Development of an analytical portal "Checklist" to control the stages of the closing of the accounting period

Monolit-Info have developed a new functionality - an analytical portal called "Checklist" to monitor the progress and track the current status of the closing process of the accounting period. New functionality is part of the "Financial Management and Controlling" subsystem.

01 february 2019Carlsberg Eastern Europe region has stepped up digitalizing document management

A new mobile solution was launched to facilitate document approval and management in a smart, secure way.

28 december 2018Development of a new functional solution for warehouse audit - Monolit-Audit Logistics

In October 2018, Monolit-Info completed work on the creation of a warehouse audit functionality in the "Monolit-Audit" mobile application. It was implemented as part of the mobile application package "Monolit-ERP" development.

29 june 2018Monolit-Info keeps positions in the ranking of the largest Russian IT companies

A regular ranking of the largest IT companies (by the end of 2017) was prepared and published by the rating agency RAEX (Expert RA).