Carlsberg Eastern Europe region has stepped up digitalizing document management

01 february 2019

A new mobile solution was launched to facilitate document approval and management in a smart, secure way.

In last December, the GBS Eastern Europe completed a project to switch to a new mobile solution called Intelligent Information Management (IIM), which is part of our company-wide activities to improve the handling of document management. The project is one of the key initiatives for Eastern Europe region to unlock relevant business opportunities with digital solutions.

Developed by Monolit, IIM is the first major industrial solution in the Eastern Europe markets. The solution is based on the latest Microsoft Azure cloud platform, applying the most advanced Google Progressive Web Apps technology, and designed to develop cross-platform web applications that are close to native apps* in terms of user experience, interface, performance, and available features.

IIM can withstand high loads when working in the cloud; it is also a highly flexible and adaptable solution that also includes form and report designers that allow to create complex business processes and adapt the interface.

Key features of the solution:

  • It allows employees to create documents and send them for approval or execution, approve documents, assign or perform tasks associated with documents, as well as to work with tasks.
  • It supports online viewing and editing of attachments in common formats, regardless of the installed software.
  • It ensures the security of the Company's data and information in accordance with modern standards in the field of information security.
  • It does not require installation; it is accessible via the Internet from anywhere in the world, including using mobile devices.

 Herman Epstein, VP GBS Eastern Europe:

"Electronic document management is one of the key elements of the business digitalisation strategy. 

The advantages imply speeding up and enhancing the transparency of processes related to the movement and approval of documents, ensuring the security of corporate documents, eliminating or at least minimising
unauthorised access to sensitive business information, deploying a single corporate information space for geographically distributed business units, and thus facilitating decision-making and improving overall manageability of the company.

I want to thank all the colleagues who have made a great contribution to the implementation of this complex project — Olga Tokareva, Ilya Tambovtsev, Victoria Romashova, Sergey Yelchinsky, Sergey Korolev, Roman Ignatiev, Victor Andreenko and employees of Monolit."

What’s next?

IIM will become the core of the new corporate digital ecosystem that is being created at the moment. This platform covers all internal processes and provides tools to interact with external contractors, allowing the Eastern Europe markets to create a service operating model of the enterprise. The next stage in the development of this system implies a complete transition to paperless and legally significant electronic document management.

*Native apps are applications that were developed for a specific platform or a specific device. One of the advantages of native apps is the optimisation for specific operating systems, so they can work correctly and quickly.

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