Mobile application "Workplace shift manager"

12 march 2019

In May 2018, "Monolit-Info" company released the "Monolit: Warehouse shift master" mobile application as a further development of the "Monolit: Yard Management system".

The application has a flexible configuration and designed to provide operational information to a wide range of users whose tasks include managing and controlling business processes in warehouses, the company's cargo yard, internal and external parking lots, as well as passing vehicles along the entire chain, starting from check-in and ending with departure through CAT.

The shift manager or the head of the warehouse logistics division, being in any place of the warehouse/on the enterprise territory, can use the following set of tools for operational control over key processes using a mobile device (tablet):

  1. Outgoing flow - planned and actual information on shipment by various types of transport, by types of counterparts (distributors, retail chains, etc.), number of vehicles and production volume in packages and decaliters.
  2. Production arrival - information on the plan for the arrival of products from bottling lines.
  3. Incoming flow - information on the planned receipt of products and materials from other holding companies and suppliers.
  4. Current load of warehouse resources: occupied and free loading windows, extended information on loading and unloading operations being performed and the state of external and internal parking in the context of vehicles;
  5. Appointment of employees to perform work and monitor their implementation
  6. View data on the operation of machinery (loaders): the total time of work with the engine turned on, the useful life (movement), an accident or a disturbance in motion.
  7. Filling out questionnaires with the ability to view attached electronic documents (instructions or recommendations) and attach photos for the survey lines, if necessary photo confirmation of the result.

Mobile app home screen - a set of extensible links that provides access to the mobile app features:

  • Plan for the shift.
  • Dashboard.
  • Polls.
  • TechnoVisor.

The “Plan for Shift” section displays the key data of the warehouse operation: current indicators for shipment from the warehouse (number of cars, cars, products), daily task of the warehouse (shipment plan, receipts from other sites and suppliers), plan of operation of bottling lines (receipt from bottling lines), and also allows to manage staff (assign workers to work).


The “Dashboard” section displays the status of the queue of vehicles registered by the dispatcher or driver:

  • outside the territory, waiting for permission to pass the checkpoint;
  • on the loading window of the warehouse;
  • in the cargo yard (internal parking) while waiting for loading or preparation of documents.

For each visit, detailed information about the destination, transport company, delivery time and critical loading completion time can be shown. If the visit processing standards are exceeded, the line is highlighted in red.

The “Surveys” section is a universal tool that allows, on the one hand, to quickly collect the current state of various warehouse characteristics by questioning staff, and on the other hand, to acquaint employees with various regulatory documents with a fixation of familiarization mark.

For the preparation of questionnaires, a constructor is used, allowing to build questions with a choice of answer from pre-configured options or with an open answer. Images and documents can be attached to the survey lines for review or confirmation of any fact of the current situation. To create a survey and analyze the results of the survey (responses), the standard desktop application “Monolit: Workplace of the shift manager of the warehouse” is used.

The “Technovizor” section is a set of dashboards that reflect the performance of warehouse equipment (loaders) for a specified period of time, as well as allowing you to quickly manage access to equipment by employees (forklift drivers).

The task of registering primary data, collecting telemetric information on the operation of warehouse equipment, is solved by the specialized Technovizor system, which transmits them in real time to the ERP.Monolit mobile application.

Mobile application dashboards show detailed per-minute information on the operation of the equipment or generalized analytics for a longer period (shift, week, month). On this basis, the manager can quickly monitor the efficiency of use of forklifts, the level of accidents and the quality of work of employees.


Advantages of the mobile application "Workplace of the shift manager of the Finished Goods warehouse ":

  1. Full integration with the client's ERP system and related systems.
  2. The ability to customize the functions of the mobile workplace for different groups of mobile users.
  3. Prompt display of key data needed to support decision-making by managers at various levels (shift supervisor, warehouse or department manager).
  4. The possibility of operational personnel management - the appointment of tasks and technology.
  5. Electronic surveys - eliminating the need to fill in "paper" forms (or a significant reduction in their number). The possibility of "electronic" processing of survey results and simplifying their analysis.

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