Monolit-Info: the results of 2018

04 march 2019

In 2018, Monolit-Info showed strong growth and secured its position in the RAEX (Expert RA) ranking.
According to a study conducted by the RAEX rating agency, Monolit-Info was ranked as :
• 47th place in the list of the largest IT companies;
• 40th in the ranking of information technology service providers;
• 28th place in the list of IT-developer companies.

In 2018, Monolit Info focused on the development of a system platform in terms of interaction with cloud technologies. As a result, a solution was created based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and the latest Azure SQL Database Managed service with the subsequent launch of this solution on the "Baltika".

Monolit: IIM/EMC successfully migrated to Microsoft Azure cloud platform

Baltika Breweries, part of the Carlsberg Group, has completed a unique project to switch to an innovative mobile enterprise content management system.

The introduction of the system has already reduced the decision-making time in the company by 30%. In the future, the solution can be scaled to other Carlsberg Group companies in the Eastern Europe region.

Development of centralized systems

In the field of applied tasks in 2018, the focus of development was directed to projects of centralized solutions. At the moment, work has been completed on the centralized systems "Monolit: MRP", "Monolit: Master Data". In the near future, work will be completed on the systems Monolit: Operational Production Planning, Monolit: Control of Production Processes, Monolit: Tenders.

Update version of MS SQL Server 2017

The migration to the new version of MS SQL Server 2017 opens up new opportunities for the development of scaling, security, high availability and advanced efficiency for the database, business intelligence workloads and advanced analytics.

New mobile services

The dynamic development of the mobile platform "ERP-monolit" ensured the creation of new applications:

  • Audit of distributor's and partner's warehouses;
  • Workplace of the shift supervisor.

Expansion of the geography of the application "Monolit: CRM"

In 2018, the geography of using the Monolit: CRM system was expanded. The "Monolit: CRM" system was successfully implemented in the UzCarlsberg company.

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