Development of an analytical portal "Checklist" to control the stages of the closing of the accounting period

01 february 2019

"Monolit-Info" have developed a new functionality - an analytical portal called "Checklist" to monitor the progress and track the current status of the closing process of the accounting period. New functionality is part of the "Financial Management and Controlling" subsystem.

For the purposes of monitoring the progress of the period closure process, the whole process is divided into a sequential set of steps, the actual implementation of which reflects the current state and the degree of completion of the whole process.

The "Checklist"'s functionality shows the general current state of completion at the moment, allows user  to analyze the status of each stage within a period and detect lagging indicators on time.

The user has access to the interface, which is a table with a list of steps and the ability to update the status of all steps or each step individually. The completed stage is clearly marked in the standard way - "daw".

When updating, the system executes queries in accordance with the configured procedures to all ERP Monolit modules, and data on the status of the closure progress are displayed in the Checklist interface.

The steps are configured by the system DBA. He can customize new steps or modify existing ones in a special separate interface. When creating a step, its name, the responsible employee and the procedure in the database, which performs the analysis of events and signs and returns the execution status of the step, are indicated.

All status changes and each launch of a status step update are logged. The log view is available on the context menu on a line with a step in the Checklist interface.

The main advantages of the system:

  1.             Transparent control over bookkeeping closure
  2.             Ability to set target deadlines, control their excess
  3.             The possibility of blocking further actions in case of violation of the sequence of execution on the stages of closure.

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