Development of a new functional solution for warehouse audit - Monolit-Audit Logistics

28 december 2018

In October 2018, Monolit-Info completed work on the creation of a warehouse audit functionality in the "Monolit-Audit" mobile application. It was implemented as part of the mobile application package "Monolit-ERP" development.

The functionality of "Monolit-Audit : Logistics" is designed to solve the following tasks:

  • distributors' warehouses audits management 
  • control over the elimination of nonconformities identified during the audit.

The program allows you to automate the audit process as much as possible, to achieve accuracy and efficiency in collecting analytical information on warehouses.

The efficiency of the distribution network depends on the state of the warehouse.

Audit is necessary to solve the following tasks:

  • identifying and promptly eliminating errors in the work of the warehouse and logistics departments;
  • control of storage conditions of products in accordance with distribution agreements.

The application for mobile devices for Android OS “Monolit-Audit” allows user to quickly plan and monitor the activities of employees performing an audit of storage facilities, and also greatly simplifies the audit process itself. All data from mobile devices is sent to the corporate information system of the company. The application has a user-friendly, intuitive interface with prompts and instructions available at each step of the visit. Due to this, any employee of the company can perform a warehouse audit.

Mobile application users have ability/access to:

  1. Lists of scheduled visits.
  2. Adding new visits.
  3. General calendar with a history of visits with marks that determine the status of the route. Green - without violations, red - with violations.
  4. Map of warehouses with the ability to filter by territory and the choice of a warehouse with certain characteristics. The type of marker on the map        determines the result of the last visit, the need for a new visit and belonging to the current route.
  5. Online data updates on warehouses. Display of all changes that are made by users through the mobile and desktop application:
  • update of the current list of warehouses and their location on the map
  • update information on the warehouse - change in the number of rooms, product residues, the presence and correction of nonconformities;
  • results of recent warehouse audits.

The picture on the right shows the form of a mobile application for working with a map, on which an employee can take a look at all the warehouses in his region, find the necessary warehouse by address or name, schedule a visit and build a route to it.

 The desktop application is designed to implement scheduling visits and includes two user roles:

  • chief administrator;
  • editor.

The “Chief Administrator” plans visits in the application with the ability to filter by periods, regions, address types. The application's registry allows you to view all audit data, make changes to the visit plan without any time limit, and send comments and comments to auditors.

The Editor manages the visits in his region by months and appoints a responsible employee for each pre-planned audit.

To control the compliance of the plan and the fact that visits to the desktop application are completed, summary information is available to users. It displays the total number of warehouses that need to be audited, as well as the number and percentage of audits performed.

The desktop application generates all the necessary reports, sends out reminders to employees about the upcoming audit and submission of reports.

For the distributor a separate interface with access to all the results of the audit of its warehouses was developed. User can familiarize yourself with the details of the audit, report on the elimination of the comments, which were identified during the past audit, and attach documents and photographs confirming the actual performance of the work.

Visit functionality:

  • Contains the following sections:
  • Information about the visit (basic information, a list of premises).
  • Checklist (common set of profiles).
  • Warehouse calculator (questionnaire for entering numerical indicators).
  • Inventory (form to enter the actual balances).

 Each section of the visit is a separate form, convenient to fill out.

  • Expandable list of audit types. For each type of audit is determined by a set of fields to fill in the questionnaire.
  •  The form for filling the address according to the FIAS standard. Allows you to fill in or correct the address and location of the warehouse with verification of the correctness of the fields to be filled.
  • Automatic determination of the location of the beginning of the visit to the warehouse. After clicking the “Start visit” button, information about the beginning of the visit is sent to the system along with the current geographical coordinates of the employee.
  • Additional tasks. The auditor will not be able to close the visit until all the additional tasks assigned in the system for this warehouse have been completed. The auditor also has the opportunity to assign new tasks for a subsequent visit to the warehouse.

Advantages of using the system:

  1. Reduced data collection time. Processing paper forms is a time consuming and time-consuming process for auditors. The application allows you to significantly reduce the number of errors arising due to the "human factor".
  2. Transparent control system for each employee. All of the auditor's visits, routes and reports are available for online view.
  3. Accurate analysis of the warehouse's condition, productive work to identify violations.
  4. Operational control over the elimination of violations. Improving the efficiency of interaction with distributor's employees.
  5. Reducing the risk of erroneous audit opinions. All audit results are confirmed by photographs.
  6.  Simplify complex processes with a mobile app. The audit can be performed by any employee of the company.

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