Monolit-Info has launched new "Monolit: CRM" product website

28 may 2019

Monolit-Info company has launched new website that is focused particularly on "Monolit: CRM" system, solution that can be used as stand-alone product, being integrated with third party’s ERP systems, or as a part of the "Monolit Suite".

"Monolit: СRМ" — is  focused on mass-market consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturing and distributing companies. "Monolit: CRM" system is used for management of mobile trade processes: Pre-selling, Van-selling, Merchandising, Equipment service. System has desktop and mobile (PDA) clients, tools for web access, synchronization server, web services for data access, provides secure user access and users activity auditing. Integration tools with IT Systems of partners (distributors, retailers) ensure operative information exchange on clients, prices, goods and stocks level, orders issued by field sales staff. Full installation includes trade equipment management, warehouses audit and other mobile and desktop applications.

New website presents latest and  actual information on "Monolit: CRM" system architecture and functions.

"Monolit: СRМ" new site features:

  • Adaptive and user friendly interfaces.
  • CRM news portal.
  • Detailed information on «Monolit: CRM» system architecture and functions.
  • Support for mobile and desktop applications
  • FAQ.
  • Downloadable instructions

The website has Russian and English versions.

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