Monolit-Info announces the release of a new version of the "Monolit Suite 7.0" software

31 may 2019

Monolit-Info announces the release of the new version of the "Monolit Suite 7.0" software and publishes the extended description of the system's functionality ("Feature List").

In addition to updating the modules that are traditionally part of ERP solutions, the "Monolit Suite 7.0" significantly expanded the functionality of the following components:

  • Built-in electronic document management system (IIM / ECM). The system received an updated interface and transferred to the cloud platform "Microsoft Azure".
  • "Warehouse Management Module" ("Yard Management"). A new mobile application for managing warehouse and traffic flow inside the yard has been released.
  • Release of the "Monolit Suite 7.0” includes a new centralized module “Monolit: Master Data Management”, designed for:
      • centralized management of the master data of a company or group of companies;
      • to control the quality of the processing and modification of the company's master data (ensuring the absence of repetitive, incomplete or contradictory data in various areas of the organization).

The following systems were transferred to the centralized platform:

  • "Monolit: Procurement Management";
  • "Monolit: DRP";
  • "Monolit: Production Management";
  • "Monolit: Operational Scheduling";
  • "Monolit: Tenders."

The functionality of the "Monolit: CRM" system has been significantly expanded both through the development of existing modules and mobile applications and through the development of new ones:

  • "E-commerce";
  • RM "Supervisor";
  • "Audit warehouses."

At the system level, the "Monolit Suite 7.0" platform provides full support for working in a cloud environment:

  1. The ability to deploy both in on-prem and in MS Azure.
  2. Support for hybrid environments: some services remain on-prem, some transfers to MS Azure.
  3. Full support for Azure AD authentication.
  4. The ability to deploy Monolit services in both Azure virtual machines and above PaaS services - Azure App Service, Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.
  5. Integration with diagnostic tools - Azure Application Insights, Azure Log Analytics, Azure Monitor.


The detailed and complete list and detailed description of the basic functionality of the new version of the “Monolit Suite 7.0” (Feature List) is available for download at the following links. 

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