Monolit-Info completed a project to create a new generation EPM-system on MSSQL2019

11 march 2020

In January 2020, Monolit-Info introduced a new multi-functional product – “Monolit: EPM” to improve the performance of enterprises and optimize the management processes. The new system includes the following tools: business planning, budgeting, profitability analysis.

“Monolit: EPM” has a new calculation core on MSSQL2019. It provides the processing of extremely large amounts of information (Big Data). A flexible universal scripting system provides a possibility to configure almost any allocation models related to profitability, costing, kpi calculation tasks. The application MS OLAP built into the system allows users to independently form and manage analytical cubes.

The EPM system combines: modules for planning, monitoring, management and tools to create and track key performance indicators (KPI). Thanks to the EPM systems, the development and outcome of decisions making is predicted, the business becomes transparent to managers.

The system can be used both as a part of “Monolit: ERP” installation and can be integrated into 3-d party ERP solutions.

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