Monolit-Info released a new version of the Monolit: Self Service Portal

25 march 2020

The architecture of the new solution is based on the technology of a progressive web application (Progressive Web App, abbr. PWA).

Being the part of the “Monolit: ERP” system , “Monolit: Self Service Portal”  displays information about employees on the corporate portal and contains functionality for self-updating personal information of staff, filling out documents, certificates.

PWA technology has successfully established itself as a high-speed progressive platform in “Monolit: ECM” (Enterprise content management) and other projects. 

Features of the new version: 

  • The interface adapted for mobile devices. 
  • The Microsoft Azure (cloud environment) support. 
  • Increased speed due to the low number of the transmitted data. 
  • Mobile devices tech specs requirements reduction.
  • New and combined with Monolit:ECM user authentication scheme on base of Single Sign On and  Federated Identity technology. Azure authorization can be done both by AD-account and by employee personnel number.


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