A new extended version of the Reporting Plan system on SQL2019 has been released

14 september 2020

The Monolit-Info company has released an updated version of the "Reporting plan" system on a new architecture using the MS SQL2019 core.

Changes in the new version:

  • restructuring of the user interface, customizable sets of the data display, unification of promotion settings;
  • conversion of formulas for calculation into a form available to users;
  • the new module " TM activities Calculator".

TM activities Calculator

The module allows to create new characteristics of TM indicators (profitability, efficiency, any derived indicators), as well describe data sources and formulas for the calculation of derived indicators. The Calculator has its own metadata description language, which allows to describe even the most complex indicators, and the calculation can be implemented with maximum detail, up to the sales of SKUs in each outlet.

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