Monolit-Info took part in the review of CRM-systems in Russia

02 november 2020

In late October TAdviser published a review of Russian CRM-systems and presented the main trends in the development of the CRM-market in 2020.

Also the results of rating CRM-systems had been collected. The rating is based on the results of revenue from CRM projects in 2018-2019 years.

"Monolit-Info" took 11th place in the list of leaders with its indicators of revenue from CRM projects:

∙ 95 million rubles. for 2018;

∙ 110 million rubles. for 2019.

What new features have been created in "Monolit:CRM" in previous years: a web-application for e-commerce, a mobile application "Monolit: Audit", the creation of a "Picture of success" to determine the efficiency of retail outlets, the functionality of photo-recognition of products in a retail outlet.


TAdviser named the trends in the development of CRM systems in 2020: the transition to cloud solutions, the transfer of all processes of working with customers into a single CRM, the expansion of analytical capabilities and artificial intelligence in CRM.

"Monolit-Info" manages to effectively combine these and other market trends in its products together with the most relevant and effective technologies.


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