Monolit-Info was ranked 11th in the ranking of ERP-system vendors

22 february 2021

In late December TAdviser* published the results of the research of the market of CRM systems for 2019. The rating was attended by 16 largest vendors of ERP systems. Most of them are system integrators.

Monolit-Info took 11th place with its indicators of revenue:

  • 527 million rubles for 2018;
  • 587 million rubles for 2019.

The dynamics of revenue for the year increased to 11,4%. According to forecasts of TAdviser, the share of the company's revenue for 2020 should increase to 640 million rubles.


* TAdviser is a Russian Internet portal and analytical agency.


Monolit-Info Projects 2018-2019

A new version of the "Monolit Suite 7.0" software

In addition to updating the modules that are traditionally part of ERP solutions, the "Monolit Suite 7.0" significantly expanded the functionality of the following components:

  •  Built-in electronic document management system (IIM / ECM). The system received an updated interface and transferred to the cloud platform "Microsoft Azure".
  •  "Warehouse Management Module" ("Yard Management"). A new mobile application for managing warehouse and traffic flow inside the yard has been released.
  •  Release of the "Monolit Suite 7.0” includes a new centralized module “Monolit: Master Data Management”, designed for centralized management of the master data of a company or group of companies, to control the quality of the processing and modification of the company's master data.

The dynamic development of the mobile platform "ERP: Monolit" ensured the creation of new applications:

  •  "E-commerce";
  •  RM "Supervisor";
  •  "Audit of warehouses of distributors and partners".

Monolit-Info Projects 2020

A new generation EPM system on MSSQL2019

"Monolit: EPM" is the next stage in the development of the Monolit: ERP system –"Profitability Analysis". The system aims to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, to optimize Methods for Business Management.The new system includes the following tools: business planning, budgeting, profitability analysis.

Updated version of "Monolit: Personal Account"

The architecture of the new solution is based on the technology of a progressive web application (Progressive Web App, abbr. PWA).

A new extended version of the Reporting Plan system on SQL2019

The Monolit-Info company has released an updated version of the "Reporting plan" system on a new architecture using the MS SQL2019 core.

Changes in the new version:

* restructuring of the user interface, customizable sets of the data display, unification of promotion settings;

* conversion of formulas for calculation into a form available to users;

* the new module " TM activities Calculator ".

Photo recognition in the new version of Monolit Agent

New convenient functionality for filling out visit profiles appears in Monolit Agent. Now we do not need to spend a lot of time on manual data entry. We just need to take a photo, and all positions will be filled automatically. The recognition takes only a few minutes.

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