Monolit-Info has released a new system Product Constructor to model new mixes and varieties of products

17 january 2022

Monolit-Info has developed a system Product Constructor to model new new mixes and varieties of products.

This module includes possibilities of creating products according to original and new recipes, calculation of the amount of raw materials for the production of semi-finished products, cost estimate (water consumption, energy consumption).

The module includes a wide range of calculations:

  • calculation of write-off materials according to recipes;
  • calculation of change the color;
  • additional write-off of materials per volume;
  • calculation of the consumption of additional resources (electricity, water, steam);
  • calculation of the cost of decommissioned materials and resources;
  • model calculation for various scenarios:
    • provides the minimum cost;
    • provides the use of priority products in each plant;
    • production technology, energy consumption;
    • production technology, water consumption.

Advantages of the system

  • saving time and costs;
  • variability: the ability to compare, estimate products based on the selected scenarios;
  • wide functionality: calculations are available according to a variety of criteria and conditions;
  • reduction of risks in production.

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