Monolit HRM

Monolit-Info Company — the Russian vendor of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, one of leaders in developing and implementing business management solutions for FMCG market, the largest supplier of ERP and HRM solutions for the enterprises of brewing industry. Flagship product of the company is ERP Monolit, enterprise- wide and scalable business management solution for national scale enterprises.

Monolit: HRM is integrated solution for automation of personnel data management, time sheet keeping, payroll calculation, taxes and withdrawals calculation, as well as for reporting to legal authorities. The system contains algorithms and templates for all required quarter’s and annual’s personnel reporting . System supports HRM functionality for several legal entities and branches within single database.

Monolit: HRM ensures support for staff motivation — a compensation package, bonus payroll system (for field sales staff) calculation, career planning, performance appraisal, training and education.

Monolit: HRM can be used as stand- alone product, being integrated with third party’s ERP systems, or as a part of ERP Monolit.