Business analysis

Business analysis begins with the inspection to get a view of problems of the enterprise and to formulate recommendations about possible solutions.

Inspection is resulted by document «the Report on inspection of the enterprises”. It provides diagnostics of current business processes of the enterprise and recommendations about possible activities to be made. It contains:

  • The description of existing business processes;
  • The list of the primary goals for ERP implementation;
  • Business processes analysis and the recommendation on optimization of departments activities based on the advantages of ERP Monolit;
  • Unique competitive advantages of the customer which should be enhanced by ERP Monolit;
  • The analysis of the existing IT environment, the recommendation on optimization;
  • An assessment of integration activities of ERP Monolit into existing IT Infrastructure;
  • The document flow and requirements to analytics description;
  • An assessment of possible risks at project implementation and risks mitigation;
  • GAP analysis and additional cost estimation;
  • The project quotation with clarification of the budget and project terms